Perhaps you've noticed in the Marine Corps, certain lags and delays in the processing and administration of paperwork--what seems to be a very simple and basic task.  This particular endeavor, the job of updating my Basic Training Record to show that I obtained a Black Belt in MCMAP, began in May of 2012 (when I received my Black Belt NAVMC) and has finally ended on this day, of all days.  
     For whatever reason, constant turnover, your PCSing (I PCSed a total of 3 times [Summer Fun, TBS, First Duty Station] since I first filed this document over 1 year ago with IPAC), lost paperwork, inexperience, your Service Record Book may not be up to snuff.
     The point is to keep good records for yourself (because the Marine Corps will not keep it for you) and to keep on the heels of the Marine that is supposed to be getting the work done.  That might mean calling, emailing, or paying a personal visit. 
     There are some superstars in Admin.  You may find that one NCO that just gets things done. But when she PCSes, which happened to me, the shop falls into disarray.  In that case, it may be a good idea to go up the chain and make some friends.  I always try to talk to the section head and ask if they need MY assistance in speeding along the process. That puts them on notice that (1) something needs to be done, and (2) you're not being an a**hole about it.  If you need paperwork posted, keep at it and eventually someone will stop the buck and get it right . . . it might take a year though.


10/28/2013 11:22am

Congratulations! Semper Fu Master!


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